Crypto Robot – Free Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Software.

Crypto Robot

The Crypto Robot allows you to automatically trade signals for
Cryptocurrencies direct to compatible CFD brokers.







Compatible Brokers
The Crypto Robot Has Partnered With These Brokers

You can choose to trade signals from any or all of the following cryptocurrencies:
– Bitcoin
– Dash
– Ethereum
– Litecoin
– Ripple

Simultaneous Trades
You can toggle the settings to allow up to eight simultaneous trades.

Automatic & Manual Trading
You can switch between automatic or manually trading our signals. Also adjust the “Stop Loss”, “Take Profit” and
“Leverage Multiplier” at anytime.

Signal Timeframes
You can target signals to be generated over one of three timeframes (Short, Medium and Long). This adjusts the
historical timeframe that the technical indicators use to calculate a signal.

Trading Indicators
These are the available industry standard technical indicators:

Trading Methods
Choose from one of three money management methods to control your trade size:
– Classic – Beginners
– Martingale – Faster profits
– Fibonacci – Most accurate

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